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Best products from Périgord

Exceptional products for an exceptional moment

In your chosen cabin, a collection of delicious culinary options and local specialties await your every whim. Ranging from prized local produce to ready-to-reheat regional recipes, you have the choice to indulge in a little goose foie gras or duck rillettes accompanied with a smooth local wine, or go all the way with some garlic soup, duck magret with peaches or goose roast with cepes for a more generous meal.

All our suggestions are locally prepared with utmost care by the Kuster family and guaranteed to be organic and GM free. All meat products are prepared from local organic farms, with ducks and geese roaming freely using the ancestral regional techniques. And we propose them at the very price you would have paid, if you had bought them by yourselves in local shops.

Regarding the wine, we have a partnership with “Julien de Savignac”, the local wine merchant, so you can enjoy a selection of fine wines from Périgord, Montbazillac , Pécharmant… also at the very price you would have paid, if you had bought them by yourselves in local shops.

All our cabins are equipped with the necessary facilities to allow you to prepare your feast at your leisure and pace.

For parties bigger than 6 guests, our cook Fabienne proposes to discuss your requirements for a specific menu. Please mention this option during your booking should you like to take advantage of it.


Lovefest, delivered to you in your cabin

60€ for two

Champagne, foie gras from the Domaine de Barbe and romantic décor

Aperitif "Coup de folie" delivered to your room

35€ for two

Foie gras from the Domaine de Barbe
(Gold Medal at the Concours Agricole)
Caviar from Perle Noire
(French supplier of Petrossian)

Perigord meal à la carte in your cabin

from around 25 to 35€ for two

According to your choice: pâté périgourdin, duck rillettes with foie gras, duck sausage, goose stew with porcini mushrooms, goose stew with sauvignon, duck breast with peaches, goose cassoulet, green beans, cheeses and fruits. Compose your own menu and pay only for what you eat ! To add a touch of cheese or dessert to your Périgord menu : please ask us directly when you make your reservation, so that we can deliver them in your cabin when you arrive.

Wine list

from 8€ to 30€

We have selected for you a variety of local wines, sold at the price the wine maker sells it himself, not forgetting of course champagne for festive moments.

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